The Sorrows of Conception (6): Blessings Result From Them

Preface: This is the second to the last in this series of seven articles on the sorrows of conception. In this sixth article, I am discussing blessings which result from these sorrows for the child of God, and this article could apply not only to sorrows of conception but to all trials and sorrows which believers experience. In the seventh article, I plan to discuss in a more specific way the joys which result specifically from the sorrows of conception. This seventh article will also form an introduction to the second series of articles which I hope, God willing, to write, on the joys of conception. For now, keep in mind that this article forms a steppingstone to the next article and series of articles on joys specifically springing from Godly conception.


How different, how very different, is the response of the Christian to suffering from that of the world! Anyone who does any degree of reading will have read at least some articles which deal with people in the world who have suffered. Almost invariably, the theme is the same: look what man can endure. . .see what man can overcome. . .what a marvel is man!

How different is the response of Godliness! The only response which is Godly carries this theme: look what God accomplished through my suffering . . .God controlled all things for His purpose. . .how great and marvelous is God!

Yes, how great is my God! How great is He in knowing my heart in all its intricate patterns of sin! How great is He in being able to work His miracle of salvation in this sinful heart! How great is He in changing and molding this sinful heart to conform to His righteousness! How great is my God in sending exactly what 1 need into my life, giving me the exact amount of joys and sorrows which I need to lead me into His fellowship and into His eternal life!

This is the Christian response to all aspects of our life on earth, also including our suffering and including our suffering as women in the sorrows of conception. We see God at work, at work in our lives, at work in His own mysterious ways of blessing us. And the blessings which result from Godly suffering are great.