The Sorrows of Conception (8): Necessary for the Joys of Conception

Of course! Of course!

Of course, sorrow is not the final word on conception. When we talk about conception, we talk also about a subject involving joy. . .of course!

But first:  The conception and birth of a child is not in itself a joy. Study that statement a minute. It is not a morbid statement; it is a Scripturally realistic statement. If you don’t recognize and believe that state­ment, I suspect you cannot have under­stood this whole series of articles.

Yet the conception and birth of a covenant child is a great joy. Even in the tears accompanying the death of a covenant child there is joy. That also is the Scriptural realism which is part and parcel of this series.

Let us review briefly the six articles which have formed this series.

Article I was: “The Sorrows of Conception: They Are Really Real!” This article was a reminder that God placed on the woman following her fall into sin a curse, which curse was the placing of sorrows on those areas of life that should have been only joy, her relation with her husband and her conception of children. God’s Word is always powerful, bringing infallible results, and so also this Word of the curse resulted in abundant sorrows for the woman in her conception.

Article II was “The Sorrows of Conception: How the World Would Void Them!” We saw how the world chafes and kicks and tries in wicked ways to void this temporal curse. . .but fails, of course. God’s Word on conception abides.

Article III was entitled “The Sorrows of Conception: The Christian Woman’s Comfort”. We acknowledged the basic starting point for a Christian woman: she goes into all these sorrows not in her own strength but as a child of her heavenly Father, knowing that He leads and strengthens. The Word of God and these articles as a whole extend comfort only to such a woman, one who is God’s child by grace.

Article IV was entitled “The Sorrows of Conception: We Deserve Them!” and returned to the basic truth of the fall into sin and its results. This article had some erroneous paragraphs which, D. V., we shall yet correct later, but the basic truth remains: in Eden we fell into sin in our first parents so that we now inherit and deserve all the sorrows which resulted.

Article V was entitled “The Sorrows of Conception: Deserved, Yes! Judgment, No!” Here we reviewed the glorious doctrine of our deliverance from sin and justification through the blood of our LORD Jesus, which completely removes from us all wrath of God on sin, both now and forever. This truth of justification means no suffering now is any longer wrath but a totally new thing, God’s mysterious way of working blessing in our lives.

Article VI was entitled “The Sorrows of Conception: They Result in Blessing!’’ We looked at several ways in which God uses suffering for our blessing, following especially Romans 5. The emphasis was that in all suffering God is drawing us closer to Himself, teaching us the greatness and sufficiency of His love in Christ preparing us for our Home in heaven with Him forever.

Now in Article VII we ask, “But what about conception itself? Are there no joys in conception? Is sorrow the last word as relates to conception and birth of child­ren?”

And our answer is, Of course not! Of course there is joy! But this joy is only for the believer who knows the blessedness of the love and fellowship of God. The joy is never in conception itself but in the work of grace which God works in covenant conception, covenant birth, and covenant child-rearing. Apart from God’s covenant blessing there is only sorrow. . .but with God’s covenant promises and His blessing there is joy, joy so great it floods our hearts and overflows.

In the second series of articles, entitled “The Joys of Conception”, we plan to discuss these joys of child-bearing in seven articles. For now, we end the series on the Sorrows of Conception with one final thought. The sorrows of concep­tion are necessary for the joys of conception to be really joys!

(to be finished next time)