The Sovereign Grace Hour

When a chorus or singing-school renders a program, the singers usually feel quite well satisfied when they can do so for a large and attentive audience. I am sure a radio speaker would also greatly appreciate knowing exactly how many listeners he has and with how much interest his audience is listening.

One of the means of ascertaining who listens and where the program is heard is by the mail received from listeners. The Sovereign Grace Hour also solicits such response by making an announcement similar to the following: “You have been listening to the Sovereign Grace Hour, a presentation of the Western League of Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies. If you desire a copy of today’s message or if you desire to have us send the message to some friend in the armed forces, kindly address your requests to this station.”

You will take note of the fact that the above announcement brings in two types of requests: first, for the listeners themselves and secondly, for their sons or friends in the armed forces.

We receive several of these requests from week to week from listeners outside of our own denomination. In this report, I shall quote parts of some of the letters we have received. We have heard from listeners from Iowa, Minnesota, S. Dakota, and Nebraska.

From Mr. G. D. B., Nebraska, we received the following: “Please send me a copy of the sermon given on your program last Sunday afternoon. I was much impressed by it and would like to be able to read it again.”

Mr. A. T., Dempster, S. D. writes: “Please send me your last two radio sermons. I enjoy your programs very much and may the Lord bless your noble work.”

Mrs. I. R., Burbank, Calif, writes: “Please send me a copy of the sermon given by Rev….. I have just buried a dear one in Iowa and while there I heard this sermon. This sermon explains why we must suffer these sorrows.”

Mr. N. H., Iowa writes: “I enjoy your radio sermons very much. As appreciation I am sending you a check for $5.00. Would you please send copies of these sermons to my grandchildren in the service. . . . May the Lord bless your efforts.”

And so, we could go on quoting from letters we have received but the above will give you somewhat of an idea of the contents of most of them. We sincerely hope that this work may be greatly blessed by the King of His Church.