The Terror of Mohommedanism

It has been said by Christ, and afterwards by his apostles, that false prophets would arise and would deceive many, that is, that many would follow them. One of these great false prophets was Mohammed, he was indeed the great prophet of the lie.

Mohammed was born about 569, in Mecca, Arabia. In early childhood he already showed that he possessed a keen mind and at an early date showed a religious bent of mind. At the age of 13 he visited the bazaars of Damascus where he came into contact with the various streams of religion which at that time criss-crossed through Eurasia. He despised polytheism (the worship of many gods) and desired a “religion” which had but one god instead of many. And no doubt, his active mind was much attracted to this subject.

During the fast of Ramadan, Mohammed is supposed to have spent a few weeks in a cave near Mecca for religious exercises. And here he is supposed to have seen a vision which from that moment on fired his mind to fanatical excesses. The angel Gabriel is supposed to have appeared to him and to have said to him, “There is but one God and Mohammed is his prophet.” Notice, by the way, that as true as the first part of the quotation is, so false is the last part. A mixture of truth and lie—ever antichrist’s most powerful weapon.

Mohammed now turned to the world as her great prophet. Moses and Jesus were great prophets, but Mohammed was the greatest of them all. He alone would and could bring them the knowledge of God (but, indeed, their god was Allah), so he pretended. After much labor he managed to convert his wife. At the end of three years of oratory and persuasion he had won but forty converts. Besides, the “guardians of the national idols” would not allow a one-god system. Persecution developed, and the fanatical prophet had to flee to Medina (the Hegira). Here, however, he was received as an accredited messenger from heaven. Mohammed was gaining success. But thirsty for more success than oratory and persuasion could produce, he turned to the sword and decided to spread the faith by means of war. Early he had incorporated into the Koran (their man-made bible) that to whomever died on the battle-field, fighting for Mohammed, heaven’s doors would open wide. Yes, and in proportion to the number of “enemies” the mohammedan soldier killed, his joy in heaven would increase.

Spurred on by such wicked and preposterous ideas, the armies of Mohammed soon took to the field, bent now on forcing the faith upon all nations and peoples, baptizing them in their own blood if indeed they did not accept the new religion, otherwise baptizing them in the name of the great Allah and his prophet.

In the meantime Mohammed died, but others arose to lead the inflamed armies. With the inverted half-moon on their banners, riding on Arabian steeds to speed them on, the Moslem hordes pressed first into Syria (which at one time was the center of Christianity). Nothing could hold them. Damascus fell, the walls of Jerusalem toppled, Antioch’s power crumbled under their onslaughts, and in a short time the hordes overran Mesopotamia, leaving behind them a crippled if not paralyzed Christianity.

From there the success-mad armies swept on into Persia, they soon conquered the religion of Zoroaster and sacked the Persian empire. Next their war steeds carried them over central Asia, headed now for another citadel of ancient religion, Egypt. After a year of offense and assault Alexandria fell and the mighty Egypt toppled with her. In due time Carthage was razed and North Africa succumbed to the emblem of the inverted moon.

They then turned to Constantinople. But here they failed most miserably. They turned again to the west. Through treachery Spain fell into Moslem hands. Now the way was open for a direct attack upon the mainland of Europe and with that an attack upon Christianity in its new house. With the one tip of the inverted moon on the Gibralter, the other touching the Bosphorus, they sought now to round its arch and overspread all Europe.

Northward they went, toward what is now Germany, France, Netherlands and finally England.

On their way through France they met the army of the Franks (Germans) under the leadership of Charles Martel. In a pitched battle they met at Tours and here the Moslem army was not only defeated but routed and was sent back to confinement on the shores of the Mediterranean. This marked the end of the Moslem march.

Almost the dragon, the beast and the false prophet had destroyed the woman fleeing in the desert, but God keeps watch. So far could the Moslem danger go and no further. His Moslem armies had done his bidding, and as an ax which has done its work, were cast away. But God’s church was kept safe. None can destroy her.

Eleven centuries have passed—it is still his church, beloved in his Son, and he is the same God.