The Upper Room

The researchers (monks) believe that this is the place where Jesus and his disciples ate the Last Supper before Jesus was betrayed and captured. Centuries ago old drawings narrowed the spot in Jerusalem where it could have been.

The whole building is made of plastered bricks and has been restored several times, layer upon layer. The first picture of the house dates back to 1100.

The iron gate is only there to stop tourists who will scratch the walls. The heavy floor tiles were made of hewn natural stone. There is room for a long table with short legs, as have been found back under several ruins in Jerusalem, together with copper oil lamps which have been hanging from the ceiling.

These houses usually did not have many windows, as to keep the rooms cool during the summer months or warm when it was freezing at night.

At the left is the staircase. The area at the bottom of the stairs usually is used for animals and transport wagons.