The Woman at the Well

A woman came to Jacob’s well
With drink her thirst to slake;
She’s startled when a Jewish
Man Looked unto her and spake:
He asked her for a drink, but she,
Confused, confronts the Man:
Why do you ask a drink from me?
I’m a Samaritan.
You know that we and Jews are not
Supposed to socialize,
So when you asked me for a drink
It took me by surprise.

The Man gave answer unto her:
If you knew of God’s gift,
You’d ask of Me a drink instead
Of waters that uplift.
Your thirst would be completely quenched,
You’d never thirst again
‘Twould be a well-spring in your life;
It is Jehovah’s plan.
He opens up to all his own
Salvation’s copious well,
Not only to the Jewish race
But Gentiles drink as well.

For God has promised Japheth’s seed
Shall dwell in tents of Shem;
Salvation’s not for Jews alone
But also it’s for them
Whom God has chosen by his grace
To share the covenant bond;
They’ll also enter heaven’s gate—
The holy, great beyond.

The woman then perceived that he
Was Christ—he’d come at last.
She testified: Messiah’s come!
He told me all my past.
Her friends and neighbors came to see
And many then believed.
God opened hearts of those he chose
And they his word received.
Now we, as Gentiles hear that word—
We come, bereft of sin
For Jesus’ blood has paid the price
And made us pure within.