The Word of God

Thy Word, O Lord, so pure and sweet

Is as a lamp before My feet,

A light upon my way;

It shows me who Thou art for me,

Tells me what I should be for Thee,

Corrects me when I stray.


It tells me how in wondrous love

Thou hast sent the Saviour from above,

Thy well-beloved Son;

How He, announced by angel song

Yet served and labored with the throng,

Which through His love He won.


It tells me how His foes laid wait,

A traitor bound to give them aid,

How on the cross He bled;

How the accursed death He died,

His Father’s presence was denied,

That I be freed from death.


I thank Thee, Lord, that I a man know–,

That Thou wouldst thus Thy love bestow,

To draw me unto Thee;

Accept me gracious Father-God,

For Jesus’ sake whose precious blood,

Has cleansed and set me free.