Time Spent…

When the Master calls in that last day
How was my time spent, what will I say?
Am I watching and waiting, looking ahead,
Instructing my children, the Bible daily read?

To raise up the children—I must daily prepare,
To answer their question, and for their needs care
Do I study God’s word that I may diligently teach,
That when they grow older they may spirituality reach?

Where are my priorities, do I strive for my “gain”
Or do I remember I have these children to train?
Time goes by so quickly, the children soon will be grown
Have I instructed them faithfully, the seeds of truth sown?

Without constant prayer and grace from above
I could not raise children apart from His love.
The children are a blessing, but are not my own
What a great responsibility to me He has shown

As a mother of young children in this evil day
I may remember my calling, This do I pray.
Happiness never will come out of things
But faithfulness to my calling contentment will bring.