‘Tis Resurrection Day!

Let us rejoice, oh Christian!

Let us be glad, and say,

“Our Savior has arisen.

‘Tis Resurrection Day!”


He won the glorious victory

O’er death and o’er the grave.

He died, and rose triumphant,

Our guilty souls to save.


This precious Lamb who knew no sin

Was make sin for His own.

Obedient to His Father’s will

He bore it all alone.


Oh, how our Lord did suffer.

Yes, all His days on earth

He bore humiliation.

Had such a lowly birth.


He was a man of sorrows,

And grief he so well knew.

He was despised, rejected.

And, true friends were but few.


The cross had cast its shadow

O’er His life here below.

He came to do His Father’s will

Obedient He would go.


So, willingly he bore the wrath

Of God at Calvary.

He took our sin upon Himself

So that we might be free.


The temple veil was rent in twain.

The shadows now were o’er.

The Lamb of God had shed His blood.

God’s wrath for sin He bore.


Our Savior’s blessed body

Was buried in a tomb

By those who truly loved Him.

Their hearts were filled with gloom.


But, Christ, the perfect High Priest

Had power o’er the grave.

He tore the bars asunder,

And ’rose, our souls to save.


His work on earth is finished.

He gave His life, and then,

With power and great glory

He took His life again.


And so, in Christ we’re righteous.

Before God justified.

Our Savior, our Redeemer,

God’s justice satisfied.


Death swallowed up in victory

On Resurrection morn.

It was the first day of the week.

The grave was left forlorn.


In Christ God recreated

All things on that first day.

The “rest day’’ of the shadows

Were fulfilled, have passed away.


We know that our Redeemer lives.

That He’s in heaven above

At the right hand of God He sits,

And reigns with Him in love.


He also lives within our hearts

For He’s our Royal Head.

He’s the first fruits of them that slept.

He’s risen from the dead.


He prays, and intercedes for us,

And gives us blessed peace.

Some day in heaven we’ll share with Him

True joys that never cease.


And so, rejoice, oh Christian!

Lift up your hearts and say,

“Indeed, the Lord is risen.

‘Tis Resurrection Day!”