To Our Servicemen – Past and Present!

On history’s page again we read

Another war is o’er,

And now for a brief episode

The sun’s bright rays do pour;

Though memories indeed are grim,

As piercing as satire,

Unfeignedly we saunter forth,

Groping in peacetime’s mire.


To you who battled in the fight,

Answering our country’s call,

To homeland’s shore have now returned,

Our welcome, one and all;

To those serving in the land

The nation’s call obeyed,

When clothed with righteous armor,

No need to be afraid.


God’s Hand in all we clearly see,

As ebbs the sands of time,

Thus wars and peace do e’er descend,

On every race and clime;

Culminating to one great end,

The Kingdom of the Lord,

His own great glory will receive,

Unmerited reward!