To the Committee of Our Field Day

Young People, read this article of an old person who attended the 50th anniversary celebration. Take to heart what the experience of an older person is saying. Grow! Prepare! – Editor

Some memories left an unforgettable impression upon me. I would like to reflect once more upon our celebration as a denomination of our fiftieth anniversary. As we came into the park, to see such a large group of our own people – children, middle-aged, and older people were all there, along with a happy greeting of old friends visiting new ones – it was indeed a precious welcome. Beside this, the Lord gave us a very beautiful sunshiny day in nature, which was quite an addition. There prevailed such an informal, congenial spirit, as if we were all belonging to one large family. The singing on the open air was terrific; there was an organ, a piano, and a trumpet. The committee had taken care of all details, which added to the festal occasion. The lectures given all pointed to the one central theme of God’s Covenant Faithfulness; even the Psalms we sang were very fitting and in harmony with the same theme. Oh, how you could wish to extend such a celebration a little longer, as the Jewish people did sometimes in days of old, even for an extra seven days. (Lev. 24)

Remember the last Thursday evening in Calvin’s Fine Arts Auditorium? That large auditorium was almost filled. That was the lecture given by Prof. H. Hanko, I believe, on the Future Manifestation. Several talented youths gave of their best, and then we all sang together, being led by Mr. E. Ophoff. What a volume! I thought the roof might come down.

Well, all in all, it was tremendous and I received a new appreciation of our young people, as they gathered constantly with us, also attending the lectures. Yes, we need that: young and old together, growing in the knowledge of God’s Word, and particularly in the truth as we may confess it.

You young people will soon take the place of our older generation. Therefore, prepare yourselves constantly to discern the lie which is propagated today around us in many churches. Continue to stand firmly on that sure foundation whereof Jesus Christ is the cornerstone. Only then can we expect the promise of God’s blessing upon us. As the shadows of spiritual darkness are becoming more visible, may we all strive to cling together against the onslaught of the wicked one.

Well, the last meeting came to a close. Then we sang “God Be With You – Till We Meet Again”, and the separation had to come. It was now over. Slowly each one moved out of his seat; a handshake here and there, a good wish of hoping to see each other again, and our festive day was ended.

Ended- but not forgotten; and the memory rings back in my ear when I listen to the cassette. It leaves me with this thought: What will Heaven be? With the saints of all ages we shall gather and rejoice in this same truth we now confess! God’s Covenant Faithfulness will then forever be realized! Yes, Eternally!