Two Times (2)

“So much is happening, it almost makes me afraid. The days are truly evil.”

The young boy perked up his ears when he overheard his grandfather say such a thing. Grandpa was not one to be afraid.

“Yes,” answered the boy’s father, “it is a fearful time to live. It seems as if we hear about another earthquake every week, and nations around the world are cooperating and working together more and more all the time. The day of a one-world government may not be so far off.”

The boy knew they were talking about the signs of the times. He tugged his grandfather’s sleeve for attention. “Wasn’t it like this when you were little, Grandpa?”

The older man considered the question. “There were earthquakes and wars and other signs, yes, but the nations were not uniting like they are now. This is new.”

“Many churches and religions are uniting, too,” added his father. “They say they are all worshipping the same god anyway. Even many Protestants regret the Reformation and want to go back to Rome. This is hard to believe, but it’s really happening.”

Being so much younger, it was hard for the boy to imagine that the world was rapidly changing.

His grandfather stroked his chin as he thought, then he said, “You know, there was only one other time in history when the whole earth was united in one goal and one language. That was about 4,000 years ago in the plain of Shinar. They built the tower of Babel—though they didn’t call it Babel as they built it. God brought confusion upon them. God made it to be Babel and stopped it.”

The boy’s father added, “With technology and many countries learning English, the rift of language is being healed, too.”

“Yes, healed,” said his grandfather. “That old serpent’s deadly wound is fast being healed before our eyes. But he will be crushed again, and this time forever.”

The boy’s eyes grew wide. He hadn’t thought of it quite that way before.

His grandfather looked down at him. “These are fearful times we live in, but we need not be afraid. God plainly told us these things would happen—and must happen. Judgment must come for salvation to come. It’s always been so.” The older man smiled. “God—our heavenly Father who loves us—is in control of it all.”

  1. A. D. 2008