Many are the signs that the invasion of the European continent is imminent. The pattern of Allied homing missions, the increasingly severe measures of censorship. the constantly repeated testimonials of Germany that she is ready for the invasion (which reveals that with her military wisdom she realizes the Allies could be prepared by now and that to delay much longer would be unwise), and the reported concentration of ships in English ports so that there is a greater concentration now than immediately after Dunkirk, all point to a near date for the most daring and stupendous military campaign of all history. By the time this appears in print that invasion may already have begun, or else we may wake up some morning soon to hear that it is taking place.

One thing has now become plain even to the most skeptical, that this war cannot be won from the air alone. We cannot bomb Germany into submission. We have witnessed some of the most devastating and continuous bombing attacks ever carried out. Yet reliable military authorities maintain that it would still take six years of bombing to destroy the remaining 105 German cities containing 38.5% of Germany’s population. High army officials are freely admitting that the infantry will have to win this war just as it has won every other Avar. It all adds up to this there will have to be an invasion by men as well as the bombing from the air.

The recent admission of Germany that the Allies could establish beachheads in various places may be but an attempt to lure us into invading before we are fully- prepared. Yet the mastery of the air which the Allies have achieved! is not to be overlooked. Germany is not overlooking it, and therefore she admits that beachheads, using the plural, can be established. That mastery of the air also explains our ability and lack of fear to mass shipping in the English ports. We are able to drive off any enemy planes which would attempt to sink them at their moorings.

We ought constantly to bear in mind, however, this fact, that when peace comes it will not be the work of the infantry, nor of the air force, nor of any combination of any or all the branches of Army, Navy and Marines, nor of any one or group of nations. It will be the work of God and the fulfilling of His counsel and not the successful prosecution of a military campaign engineered by man. It may appear to be too early to talk about peace, but it is not too early for us to be reminded that in that day when we first hear of it, our first reaction must be to give thanks to Cod and not to boast or rejoice in man’s work and give way to carnal, earthly celebration. Let us celebrate in our inner closet in prayer and thanksgiving to God and let us not celebrate with and in the manner of the world.

Likewise, when the casualty list which inevitably must come with that invasion, grows and we are informed that our loved ones are counted with those that are missing in action or have lost their lives, we must remember that it is our Covenant God Who has taken away that which He gave. Then we can be comforted, for then we feel confident that His taking them away from us has that more glorious side that He has taken them unto Himself in glory. And for this too we can and may give thanks.

In Russia and the south Pacific, the nature of the fighting is still the same as that of last month. Rapid, sometimes daring and breath-taking strides are made to be followed by periods of calm between the storms while preparations are being made for the next campaign. In India things look much more favorable than a few weeks ago. What Japan was able to accomplish should warn us not to expect a quick victory over her —if indeed we may even expect one at all. On the mainland Japan is very strong and her resources are far greater than those of Germany. We ought not be too quick to scoff when Japan maintains that she will fight for 100 years if need be. We will defeat her much more quickly if we only try to understand and recognize the spirit of the enemy we are fighting. Unless we do, we are apt to tire of this war and slacken up our effort before we have won it. Then indeed it may be a long drawn out affair.

* * * * * *

Of quite a different nature is the recent declaration from Washington that thirty-four united and associated nations have agreed upon a world currency stabilization plan. The thing that makes this move noteworthy is not that it shows an honest attempt, or even a desperate attempt to prevent world-wide inflation and to maintain the gold standard. But the thing that makes it significant for the believer is that it gives him another indication of the coming union of all the nations of the world under the banner of the Antichrist. Surely this is an indication of the fact that we are moving rapidly in the direction of the fulfillment of the first vision in Rev. 13, if not also the second vision in this chapter. Never before, since the days of the Tower of Babel when contrary to God’s command the whole human race was united as one kingdom, has the world been united as closely as it is today. Never before has man talked so freely and hopefully of such a union. When thirty-four nations are even willing to agree on one standard of currency and to seek to prevent world-wide inflation, it shows that man is more and more coming to the conclusion that he can have his dreams realized only by such cooperation. Really what man needs is Christ and forgiveness through His blood. The unbeliever thinks he needs the help of man and of the Antichrist because his dreams are for this world and its corruption.