Update from the Federation Board

The hardest part about writing is that you never know where to start and how to express your thoughts. I would guess that as soon as you begin, everything just falls into place and then it seems that you are unable to stop. Thoughts just seem to melt onto the page and feelings begin to flow and it all works together as one. Funny how that seems to be the case as President of the Fed. Board. Everything is a blur and by the time you are half way through your year things begin to blend in with one another. Our time is well spent working towards that blend and many thoughts and discussions occur. The discussions and the decisions made are with utmost care. So you ask, what are we discussing and what decisions have we made?

I could sum up most of the discussion and decisions that we are having with one word, Convention. It seems like a long way off, and yet it really is right around the corner. Colorado is working really hard and sees their progress steadily increasing. This year’s convention is being held at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park. Everything seems to be running smoothly and orderly, and it should be a wonderful opportunity for the young people to renew and make new connections. The convention theme is Surrounded by God, reflecting upon the idea that God is all around his people just as the mountains are visible to the conventioneers. The text is taken from Psalm 125:1, 2, and the theme song will be Psalter number 354. The Fed. Board also supports Loveland’s zero-tolerance stand in the rules, and also the importance of Christian Conduct at the convention.

Another important topic that is discussed in February is the nomination of new young people to the Federation Board. This seems to be getting harder and harder every year, because our young people societies are getting younger and younger. The age is down to around 18-20 years old, and then those who make confession of faith seem to continue into young adults. This presents a problem for the Fed. Board, because this board should be made up of our young people’s societies. Some of the offices that need to be filled must consist of a confessing member. We would like to see the support of the young adults who are not yet part of our federation, to lead by example for the younger societies.

Those are the two most important topics that we have to discuss and make decisions about in the next few months. Other topics consist of running the Federation Board, which is basically the business part of our meetings. We covet your prayers as we continue to work for our young people’s societies.