Veterans in the Truth

A summary of the address delivered by Rev. J. D. De Jong on August 22 at the Convention of the Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies


A word of welcome was first of all addressed to our veterans.  By veteran we do not necessarily make the implications that one is old, but that one has had long experience or practice in some particular service.  This term is used especially in regard to soldiers.

There is the common soldier, but also the soldier in the Kingdom of Christ.  We, as Protestant Reformed youth, must be soldiers in that Kingdom, and our battle is therefore a spiritual battle.  In order to wage that battle we, like the common soldier, must have armor and our armor must be the Word of Truth.

We, as youth, are still in basic training.  This basic training is extremely important.  There are various places where we can receive this basic training, and our society (to which we will soon return) is one of them.  We must train in order that we may learn to know the truth.  What are we doing to become soldiers founded in the truth?  Is the primary purpose of our society to study the Word of God?  It should be, and this we should do diligently, faithfully and consistently.  Are we?

Our weakness today is our lack of knowledge of the truth and lack of knowledge of the fundamentals of the truth.  We, the young people, are the future of our Protestant Reformed homes and Churches.  We must take our places, we must be prepared!  Now is the time for our preparation, while we are young and still single.  By the time we become married, we should be veterans of the truth.

It is true, we may have a good leader, a fine minister, but we must remember that we are the ones who must do the studying—we must love the truth and make ourselves ready and able to defend it.

Certainly we need help and guidance but do not forget we need exercising.  Let us then study that we may become veterans in the truth that no one take our crown.