Watching Daily At My Gates

November 8 Read II Timothy 2:1-6

Paul, in his second epistle to his beloved Timothy, writes to him encouragement and direction. He does this because he believes that he is near to the end of his life and wishes to help Timothy in his work. Even today godly parents and grandparents will do this for their children and grandchildren. They do this on the basis of God’s word. Notice the words of verse three. The fight on this earth is hard. It is a fight. The child of God must endure even as a soldier endures the hard conditions of the battlefield whether it be jungle, desert, or mountainous terrain. As soldiers of Christ, we must fight and fight hard the battles placed before us by God. We have the assurance that we will win the battles not by our strength but by the strength given to us by the same God. Young people, are you preparing yourselves to fight? Grandparents and parents, are you encouraging them in the fight? Sing Psalter 392.

November 9 Read II Timothy 2:7-13

Notice verse eleven. Because of our belief in the death of Christ for our sins, we have many benefits. The first mentioned is that of life. Not the physical life of this world which is marked by physical pain caused by the frailty of this body, but rather the spiritual life that will be eternally ours in heaven with Christ. This life will be marked with joy; this is the joy of the redeemed. This is the joy of those who God has elected from all eternity; this is the joy of those who have been bought by the blood of Christ, our Savior. Young people, do you seek earthly joy or heavenly joy? We will have to endure suffering; but do not despair, we are redeemed. What a blessed hope we have! Sing Psalter 329.

November 10 Read II Timothy 2:14-21

It is Saturday; the last thing anyone of us wishes to think of is our studies. But yet Paul reminds us to study to show ourselves approved unto God. We might not look at our schoolbooks today; some may have put them away for a long time now, but we are still called to study. We may have the opportunity to enjoy nature. Study it to see God’s glory and grandeur. Do not for get to pick up your Bibles and study today. Tomorrow is the Sabbath; will we be found approved before God? Study, people of God of all ages, and be prepared unto every good work. Sing Psalter 333.

November 11 Read II Timothy 2:22-26

Take a look at verse twenty-two again. Young people, are you heeding the first part of the verse? Older young people, are you putting away childish things? Older and elderly saints, are you walking in the station and calling where God has put you? That is what this verse calls us to do. Were we with those that “call upon the Lord out of a pure heart” today? Did we go to church? Did we go twice? Did we go prepared to learn how to “follow righteousness, faith, charity”? This verse gives us much direction in how to live our lives. Let us follow its teaching and know our God. Sing Psalter 322.

November 12 Read Psalm 23

We are never too old for this Psalm. God’s people of all ages can enjoy it, receive strength from it, and be comforted by it. Read it often and find new ideas in it for our lives. What is a shepherd? Have you ever given that much thought? In this less than agrarian society in which we live, we may not know much about shepherds. But the idea is important to God’s people. Jesus is the good shepherd. Our ministers are the shepherds of the people of God. We can go on with this idea, but in order for us to know what a shepherd does, we must know what a shepherd is. Think about that today. Sing Psalter 53.

November 13 Read Psalm 23

This Psalm can be read over and over again. Our thinking assignment for today is sheep. Do you really know what sheep are like? In order really to understand Psalm 23, we need to know that. What are their feeding patterns? Are they really as dumb as people say? God’s people are often likened to sheep. We stray like sheep. We are led like sheep. We need to be protected from the world’s wolves like sheep do. We need to know what sheep are to see how we are like sheep. Think about sheep today. Sing Psalter 55.

November 14 Read Psalm 23

Once again we turn to this beautiful Psalm. In the end we find that we have a place to which we are being led. This place is one of peace. This place is heaven. This provides comfort to people of God of all ages. Even our littlest of children can understand the joys of peace. The most aged of saints wish for the peace that is found in God’s fold with the one shepherd Christ Jesus. Young people, seek that place. Do it as sheep. Obey the shepherd. Dwelling in God’s house is the one goal that will give you peace now and in eternity. Sing Psalter 52.

November 15 Read Psalm 118:19-29

Notice verse twenty-four. Quite often we think of the Lord’s Day as Sunday. Everyday is the Lord’s day. We must always remember that. As we work today and throughout this week we must remember that every day we must use the day that Jehovah has given to us. In doing this we first of all prepare for the Sabbath. Secondly, we prepare for the Lord’s supper that may be celebrated in some churches this week. Thirdly we prepare for the eternal Sabbath in heaven. Use today well, and you will be ready to use Sunday well. Sing Psalter 256.

November 16 Read Psalm 1

Here is another Psalm that we would do well to read often. Who are the blessed ones? There are two chapters in the Bible that gives to us descriptions of those people. In this chapter we see the blessed ones are those who walk in God’s law. They are the ones who have been planted by that river of God that nourishes them. The happy ones are those who stay away from the evil one and his ways. Let us seek to truly be blessed, and let us seek to walk in God’s way. (Matthew 5 is the other chapter which tells us how to be happy.) Sing Psalter 2.

November 17 Read III John 1:1-4

These words from John are the hope of parents and grandparents of the church of all time. Truth does not need to be defined. It is that which is in accordance to the law of God. In the end, this is what parents and grandparents want for their children and grandchildren in their education and the rest of their lives. Doing your very best in school is part of that truth because students must study to show themselves approved before God. Young people, show zeal in your work. In doing so you will walk in truth and give to those who love you much joy. Sing Psalter 334.

November 18 Read Hebrews 11:1-6

What a wonderful gift faith is? By it we can believe God and all of His glorious wonders. Young people, as you study, take time to contemplate what those studies tell you about God. Man can invent but only God creates. Abel obeyed God and it cost him his life. Will we have the courage to do this? It’s easy to have faith when things go well. What about when things are not going so well? Can we please God like Enoch? Enoch did not know he was to be translated. He was busy running for his life. But he spoke about God, he walked with God even when he was alone, and in doing this, he pleased God. Sing Psalter 71.

November 19 Read Hebrews 11:7-13

People of God, let the ideas of Abraham lead you; not in this life but in the life to come. Our home is not here but in glory with all those who have run the race before us. Be persuaded of God’s goodness and continually confess being a stranger and pilgrim on the earth. These ideas are good for God’s people of all ages. Young people may have trouble comprehending the ideas of being a pilgrim and stranger. They may see the end of their studies being their lives on this earth. Older saints, we must lead them in the idea that the earth is not their home. Young people, speak to your godly grandparents often. They understand these truths, and will be happy to explain them to you. Sing Psalter 221.

November 20 Read I John 4:1-6

This text tells us to do a necessary task in our lives. We may hear many who talk and sing about God. We may hear many interpretations of the Bible writings and speeches. We must try the spirits and see if those things are of God. Young people, this is true of you as well. Your parents are not always around to guide you. You must try the spirits. Songs and messages that are not of God-not your determination or another person’s determination, but only Scripture, you must reject. You may have to shut off the music box, leave the concert, or, refuse attendance. In doing so you are obeying God and will find the “peace that passeth understanding.” Be of good courage and say no to those things which are not of God. Sing Psalter 362.

November 21 Read Psalm 136:1-9

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It is not too soon to think of what true thanksgiving really is. First of all we must think of whom we must thank. We thank God who created the heavens, the earth, and all that is in them. Ponder God and his creation. Can we do anything but thank Him for all that He has done for us? Think about the wonders of creation; do they not force us to cry out, “O God, how great thou art!”? By doing this we will become less focused on the turkey and more focused on God, our creator. Sing Psalter 377.

November 22 Read Psalm 136:1, 10-26

Because the passage is a little longer today, I will not say much about it. God is good. He has redeemed us from all evil. Say verse twenty-five before your meal today and then repeat verse twenty-six. Thanks be to God. Sing Psalter 378.

November 23 Read I John 4:7-15

Let’s continue where we left off Tuesday. God is love. What a beautiful thought that is! Because He is love, we must love those around us. In doing that, we show our love to God. Now, notice verse 15. This is some thing we must do daily. Confessing that Jesus is God’s Son is more than just words. It is saying the truths found in Scripture as well as walking a good daily walk. Whether we are old or young, we must pray for the strength to do this each day. Young people, you have to learn to do this. Ask for help from those around you, and ask for help from our heavenly Father. Sing Psalter 51.

November 24 Read I Peter 1:1-9

Notice verse three. Sometimes we have trials that cause us to be “down”. Sometimes those around us take away the hope we have in Christ. Sometimes our situations do not look as nice as we would want them. Through any of this we have the hope of the resurrection of Christ. This hope will sustain us through all trials and temptations. We do not have to worry about the trials of this life. Our elder brother has experienced them and has given to us the hope that will sustain us in all situations. Read the Bible often and know that our God will care for us in all things. Sing Psalter 342.

November 25 Read Psalm 24

A familiar Psalm now and then is a refreshing thought. When we can hold to the familiar, it takes away doubts, despair, and loneliness. Our King of glory is always around us and will always care for us. As we worship today, we must make sure that we worship the king of glory. He is not an earthly king. His kingdom is not of this world. He is heavenly and has a heavenly kingdom. By worshiping Him we find the way to true contentment in this life and in the life to come. Enjoy the Sabbath and be ready to enjoy the eternal Sabbath in heaven with the King. Sing Psalter 58.

November 26 Read Isaiah 44:21-28

Notice first of all in verse twenty-four that God is our creator. Young people, remember this as you study science and especially human anatomy. The creation is orderly because God is orderly. God also knows all things because He has decreed them. It was many years before Cyrus made history when these words were penned. These words came true and because they did, God’s people found comfort then, and we can find comfort now. If God knows Cyrus, He knows each of us by name. Think about that. He knows you! Sing Psalter 375.

November 27 Read Psalm 3

People of God of all ages, this Psalm is for you! Those of you who are afflicted reread the first three verses. Do not despair, we have a shield. Jehovah will lift us up from despair and deliver us from those afflictions. Of that there is no doubt. Those who face death reread verses four and five. God who is in heaven hears us when we cry. We can sleep a comfortable sleep knowing that whether we awake on this earth or with Jesus in heaven, we will find joy. Maybe your physical state is such that you desire to awake in heaven. The great physician knows your needs and will bring you the balm of Gilead. Let this strengthen you in your afflictions. No matter what our situation salvation belongs to God, and He will bring to us blessing from His limitless store. Sing Psalter 5.

November 28 Read Hebrews 11:8-13

Young people, you have years of schooling ahead of you. Some have more than others. But yet as we read in Hebrews the city that we look for is not on this earth but rather in heaven. We are but strangers and pilgrims here. Let us remember that. We have a calling as strangers and pilgrims. That calling is to make our calling and election sure. This, as is true with all we do, can only be done with God’s help. Making our calling and election sure is not how we get salvation, but rather how we show gratitude for salvation. We cannot show gratitude if our goal is a good life on this earth. We must seek for that heavenly abode. We must do this as, daily we study. We must do this as we work. Our abiding city has the foundation of God and His truth. Let us seek Him and His truth in all that we do. Sing Psalter 325.

November 29 Read Genesis 6:1-8

Notice the last verse. When we find grace in God’s eyes, we please Him with our walk. Notice that the grace comes first and then the walk. Finding the grace is not our doing but God’s. He leads us to the grace which He provides for all of His people. This is how we walk as strangers and pilgrims on this earth. Noah means comfort. God gives to us those men and women who provide comfort in this world as Noah did in the world in which he lived. Young people, are you looking for God’s grace? Are you seeking the help of those men and women of comfort? Sing Psalter 252.

November 30 Read Jude 1-13

Part of working out our salvation or making our calling and election sure is earnestly contending for the faith. Jude lived during a time of controversy in and out of the church. It mimics much the way it will be before Christ returns. Jude’s admonition to earnestly contend for the faith is one that we need today. We contend for the faith by our actions and our speech. It will get harder and harder, but our covenant God will sustain us through all things. Sing Psalter 407.

December 1 Read Jude 14-25

The last two verses have been the favorite New Testament doxology of many. I know it is mine. Think about it. Christ will keep us from falling away from His everlasting love. He presents dirty old us to His Father in a spotless condition. Think of a little child who stumbles and falls, who gets dirty, both his skin and his clothes. Now do you get the idea of this doxology? What else can we do but to thank Him by giving Him all glory, majesty, dominion and power? This brings much comfort to us as we live our lives. Sing Psalter 315.

December 2 Read I Corinthians 13

This is the famous chapter on love. What is often missed is that this chapter deals with the love of the brethren in the church. It is often misused for other things including weddings. Now it is true that there is this idea in it, but its primary purpose is to prevent troubles in the church. Take a look at the last verse of the next chapter and you will see my point. Young people, as you seek to make confession of faith, think about preserving the unity of the church. This can only be done through the right way of love. This is the love that God showed to us by sending His Son to die on the cross. We must reflect that love in our lives. Sing Psalter 124.

December 3 Read II Peter 2:1-11

Verse nine of this chapter is most comforting. There are many temptations in the world. God is faithful and will lead us from them. This does not mean that we seek temptations. If we do, we will be like David and Peter and have grievous falls. See Canons Head five. We have been given a great heritage in Scripture and the Reformed faith. Woe to us if we throw it away. Young people, this means you. Older people of God, this means us. Sing Psalter 202.

December 4 Read II Peter 2:12-22

In verse seventeen we see an everyday situation which we can appreciate. In the summer we go through a dry spell. We see clouds but have no rain. This is what false teachers are like. They thunder and lightning, but nothing good comes out of them. We are called to try the spirits. We must do so that we are not fooled. We must seek true teachers and teaching of God’s truths. By doing this we will have the assurance of God’s love for us. There is no peace in false teaching. The only true peace is in God’s Word and His way of salvation. Sing Psalter 336.

December 5 Read Psalm 4

The last verse is that to which I wish to call your attention. As we awake from another night of sleep we must thank Jehovah who has given to us that night of rest. We awake because He cares for us. Sometimes the night can be a scary time. Many deaths occur at night. Even these should cause us no fear because for the child of God death is the entry into heaven. We may take with us to bed the gladness of the day and rest assured that Jehovah will care for us. Sing Psalter 8.

December 6 Read II Peter 3:1-7

Christ is coming! No, I am not talking about the shallow celebration of Christmas that already pervades the world around us. I am speaking of that time when He will come and take us to Himself. Both Peter and Paul felt it necessary to give instruction of these things. Reread I and II Thessalonians sometime. In our reading for today, we are instructed to think about the flood. In thinking about the flood, we think about the end of time. We will see how to respond to those who do not see the truths of Christ return or do not see them correctly. We will find comfort for our souls as we await His coming. Sing Psalter 28.

December 7 Read II Peter 3:8-13

God is not slack concerning His promises. What a beautiful thought is provided for His people! Many people make promises. Some are just out and out lies. Some cannot be fulfilled because of circumstances beyond man’s control. God is not like that. His promises are true. He will have all of His people come to repentance. The world will not end until that happens. It is comforting for us to know that none of God’s people will go lost because they did not repent before Christ returned. He will come back, and receive all of His people unto Himself. Sing Psalter 83.

December 8 Read II Peter 3:14-18

People of God, are we seeking to grow in grace? Do we faithfully read His word so that we can grow properly? Are we looking forward to tomorrow when we can join with fellow saints and learn more about our God? If we do these things, we will seek to grow in grace. This growing never ends. It begins with parents teaching the smallest children that God made them, and that Jesus loves them. It continues with our children and young people striving for the sure knowledge and hearty confidence of faith so they can seek to confess their faith before the church. Parents grow in grace by living out their lives in a way that honors and glorifies our Heavenly Father. Elder saints grow in grace as they help others in the church and patiently await the day of their entrance into glory. Let us grow in grace, people of God of all ages, and let us know that this pleases Jehovah. Sing Psalter 40.