Westward Bound

(Originally Printed in August, 1952)

AUGUST 26, 27, and 28.

Are these dates of special significance to you? We in Hull sincerely hope so. They mark the days of our twelfth annual Young People’s Convention to be held this year, D.V., in the great and vast West!

Undoubtedly, various questions confront you concerning the convention. Where will you stay, what will we do there, just what is Iowa like? I’ll try to answer these question to some extent, but actually to comprehend it, you must come to the convention and enjoy the experience yourself, as a couple from Grand Rapids vicinity remarked after they had visited Iowa. Previously they had imagined Iowa as a place merely where some of our churches were located. After their visit they could recall their locations, some of the people, and any particular detail they enjoy remembering. They could do this because the experience was theirs. And thus, we hope this may be your experience also.

Our Sioux County community is far from a busy metropolis. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Indeed, it has been the “wild west” at one time. However, the Indians and the wild beast have disappeared by now. The only remembrance we have of them now can be found in our reservations, museums, and zoos.

How long will it take you to travel to Hull? That, of course, depends on the type of driver you are and your way of transportation. The trip, one way, should take approximately seventeen  to twenty-four hours. The time element isn’t the most important factor. We want to be sure you don’t miss Hull! A word of caution, “Go slow and watch the signs!’ A few years ago, one of our Eastern ministers sped past it unknowingly. When he inquired a few miles further where Hull was located, he found to his amazement, he had passed it a few miles back.

The West isn’t entirely a quiet farming community. Some of our shopping centers are “busy little cities.” We hope to spend our outing at one of these spacious parks in one of these cities. Tentative plans have been made to have our outing at Sioux Falls (a distance of approximately sixty miles). In the evening, an open air meeting will be held, at which Rev. De Wolf, our speaker for the evening, will preside, and various other numbers will be given.

Where will you stay? Your places of lodging will vary. Some will stay in the immediate town district. Others will get a taste of farm life. Perhaps some of our more lenient farmers (if they aren’t worried how their cows are treated) will give you a chance to milk them somewhere between four and seven in the morning! And, if you’re wondering whether you’ll see corn, you will, and lots of it! Referring to the lodging again, we have the Lincoln Hotel for extra “conventioneers.”

We have chosen for our convention theme, the Trilogy—Faith, Hope and Love. Each of these speeches will be centered around main topics. The banquet speech will the climax of these speeches, the speech which our entire theme is centered around. “The Greatest of These” is LOVE. This important theme is based on 1 Corinthians 13:13. Rev. Hofman is our banquet speaker. We believe every speech will be inspirational and dynamic with spiritual edification for each and everyone. It is rather self-evident that the emblems of the convention would be the cross, the anchor, and the heart: faith, hope and love. Besides the main addresses, there will be lively discussions, musical numbers, readings and essays in which all may take part.

On the final day of the convention the always much enjoyed banquet will take place. This will be a big occasion for us Iowans as well, since we will dine in our new community building. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the banquet with its friendly atmosphere, good food, and pleasant surroundings.

In case you’re having a difficult time securing a good route to take from Grand Rapids, for instance, I have a good one for you. Here it is:

Take Highway(s):

21 to Holland

31 to Benton Harbor

12 to Highway  212

212 to Highway 20

20 to 51 (near Gary)

51 to 6

6 to 83 (near South Holland)

83 to 64

64 to Savannah

80 out of Savannah to Dubuque

20 out of Dubuque to Manchester

13 out of Manchester to Strawberry Point

3 out of Strawberry Point to Pocahantas

17 out of Pocahantas to Emmetsburg

18 out of Emmetsburg to Hull

            We’re expecting a BIG crowd so don’t disappoint us. I’m sure you’ll find Iowa a friendly, hospitable vicinity. Primarily, it is our sincere desire that the convention may benefit you spiritually both as adults and Christian youth. We hope your motto for the month of August will be “WESTWARD BOUND”. We’ll be looking for you!