What CCHS Means to Me

CCHS has come to mean a lot to me.  I think it is important to reflect on this a moment.  So often I hear complaints, and I myself complain about homework and how school stinks.  This is something we may not do.  What we must see is that CCHS is a blessing to us, and what we have here is a true gift.  We have dedicated teachers who teach us every day in the Word of God, a school board that works for hours to benefit us, and we have Christian fellowship with the friends we make.

Our teachers work hard to help us learn.  They put in numerous hours to make our lives easier.  Yes, even the homework is for our benefit.  What we also must see as vitally important is that our teachers teach us on the basis on the Word of God in every subject.  I did not immediately appreciate the value of this.   I wondered “why does my English teacher or my Computer Applications teacher bring up spiritual matters in class?”  But I have come to realize the importance of this.  They work to give us a Christian education.

Christian education is important for us.  We see that many of God’s people are forced to go to public schools or other Christian Schools, for example the Singaporeans go to a public academy.  In such schools they do not receive a distinctively reformed education.  This is why we need to see our teachers and our school as a blessing.  Not only do we learn facts and content that will prepare us for work in the future, but also more importantly, we learn how to be a godly Christian in every sphere of life.  For this we are thankful to our teachers.

We also have a dedicated school board of men who put in hours at night, having meetings to make decisions that benefit us.  We also see them walking around school once in a while.  What they are doing is making sure that our teachers are teaching according to the Word of God.  This too is a benefit to our Christian education.  Our school board hires our teachers, and they hire the teachers who best benefit us.  So often I have wondered about the purpose of the school board, but I have come to realize that they too are a blessing.  In the decisions they make and the good teachers they hire, they seek to make it possible for us to have the best Christian education possible.

We also may not take for granted or ignore the sacrifices our parents have made for this school to be established and to grow.  Our parents have worked hours to pay for the up-keep and additions to the school as well as paying the tuition.  So especially seniors, who are preparing to leave this school, should remember the sacrifice of parents in providing us with a Christian education.

One final thing that I would like to address is the blessed fellowship with friends and teachers that we have at CCHS.  My hope for us all is that we cherish the friendships we have made, because as we get older and do not see each other as much, we will rely on and see the blessing of these relationships.  One of the ways that fellowship is promoted with one another is through the work of the Student Council.  Those students and Miss Knott work hard to schedule events to bring the school together.  What a blessing Christian fellowship is!

Finally I would like give a word of advice to those still in schooling at CCHS.  Do not lose focus.  Cherish the years you have left because they go by very fast.  I know you hear that all the time, but it is true so make sure you don’t take them for granted.

To the freshman, you are just beginning.  Apply yourselves while enjoying this new phase of your life.  To the sophomores, you’re almost half way there, keep at it, it will go by fast.  To the Juniors, you have one more year after this, so cherish this year, because next year you will have to start making the harder decisions of moving on to college and a life away from true Christian education.  Also remember that next year you become seniors so set a good example for the classes who will follow you.

To the seniors, this is your last year, and then you are done with your Christian education.  My hope is that we all cherish the friends we have made and see the education we received in the last three years and take it to heart.  Soon many of us will move on to college where we will hear about evolution and other heresies, so remember what we were taught here at this Christian School.  I also hope that the classes behind us will see a good example of how to walk as Christian children of God, and will follow the example we have left in the past 3 years.  May we as seniors continue to be “an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, and in purity” (1 Tim. 4:12).