What I Owe My Minister

I owe him respect as the ambassador of God, sent to teach me a better way of living than the selfish, sordid existence I might be guilty of, but for his guidance.

I owe him trust, that he may be free to serve the church unhampered by fault-finding and criticism.

I owe my minister prayer that God may make his services a blessing to everyone with whom he comes in contact.

I owe my minister the protection of kindly silence by refraining from repeating in his presence the slander or unkind gossip that would worry him and prevent him from doing his best.

I owe him enough of my time to help him in his work whenever he may need me.

I owe him encouragement when vexations and annoyances make his work difficult.

I owe my minister consideration not to interrupt and hinder his work by financial worry.

I owe my minister my attention when I go to church, that he may not be annoyed by seeing my careless, inattentive actions indicating that I am not interested in what he is saying.