Who Am I?

I am the person that came to this world

I came to this world to bring cheer,

To bring you salvation and to save you from fear.


I am the Father’s Son,

Come down from the world above,

To die on wood to save you.


I preached to the world

Of salvation, the Lord, and of me,

And you listen to me.


My mother a virgin, with a sign from an angel

Gave birth to me the Son of man and of God.

Her husband named Joseph understood not but,

with faith he came to realize that I was the

miracle of God.


I walked among men and traveled with sinners

All to find out that I would die for my own.

Sinners were they and they did not believe.


I performed many miracles from water to wine,

From feeding five thousand with fish and bread,

From healing the sick and restoring sight to the blind.


By now you must realize that I am Christ, the Son of God and of man.

Born to save sinners,

And to be the Friend to you.