Who’s Who for the Federation Board Elections?

This year’s Young People’s Convention is in sight as summer is just around the corner. At the convention, the delegates of each Young People’s Society will be electing the new officers that were nominated by the Board of the Federation of the Protestant Reformed Young Peoples Societies (Fed. Board). Those who are elected will take up their position at the end of this summer.

Because the Fed. Board meets monthly, it is necessary that all its members be from the West Michigan churches. Regrettably, this means that few of the young people from the west will know the people nominated. For that reason, the Fed. Board wishes to introduce the nominees to all the societies.

Vice President
Jonathan Langerak or Joe Holstege

The nominees for the office of vice president are Jonathan Langerak and Joe Holstege. Jonathan is nineteen and attends Southwest Protestant Reformed Church. He is a full-time student at Grand Valley State University and part-time employee at Wonderland Tire Company. Jonathan hopes to help the Fed. Board acquire more student writers for the Beacon Lights. The Beacon Lights is the magazine of the Protestant Reformed Young People. Therefore it would be profitable for the young people if more of their number who are spiritually mature and who have the writing skills necessary for this work would step up to the plate.

At age nineteen, Joe Holstege attends Southeast Protestant Reformed Church. He currently works part time for his dad’s greenhouse business and is a college student at Grand Rapids Community College. Joe plans to attend Calvin College next year in order to earn a degree in Secondary Education. Joe’s goal for the Federation Board is to do his best to focus his votes and decisions on what is best for the Protestant Reformed Denomination as a whole, and also to promote awareness among the young people of our entire denomination, including those from the mission field and each individual congregation.

Vice Treasurer
Jordan Koole or David Noorman

The nominations for vice treasurer are Jordan Koole and David Noorman. Jordan, age twenty, is a member of Hope Protestant Reformed Church. He works at Kamps Pallets and is also a full-time student at Grand Valley State University, majoring in Accounting and Finance. He hopes to help the Fed. Board operate smoothly and carry out all of its responsibilities in regards to the young people of the Protestant Reformed Churches.

David Noorman is the other nomination for vice treasurer. He is a member of Faith Protestant Reformed Church. At age nineteen, he is a full-time student at Calvin College. As a member of the Fed. Board, David would like to help the Beacon Lights become more pertinent and applicable to the lives of young people. He would also like to increase the young people’s awareness of the Federation Board.

Vice Secretary
Lynette Kleyn or Annie Zuverink

The two nominees for the office of vice secretary are Lynette Kleyn and Annie Zuverink. Lynette is nineteen and attends Grace Protestant Reformed Church. She is currently in her first year at Davenport University, majoring in Medical Assisting. When Lynette is not at school, she works at Motman’s Greenhouse. Lynette thinks the Fed. Board already does a wonderful job with the Beacon Lights, and with helping plan the conventions and singspirations. She hopes to keep up this work, continuing to serve and help the young people as they grow in faith and in knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Annie Zuverink is nineteen and attends Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church. She is a cosmetologist. Annie would like to continue in helping the Fed. Board in the decisions needed to be made on behalf of our young people, providing them with many enjoyable opportunities and experiences, for the main purpose of encouraging them in their spiritual growth and walk together as children of God.

Youth Coordinator
Jonathon Kamps or Scott Van Uffelen

Jonathon Kamps and Scott Van Uffelen are the two nominees for the office of youth coordinator. Jonathon is thirty-seven and attends Hope Protestant Reformed Church. He is a builder. Jonathon hopes that the Fed. Board would actively be looking for ways to help the youth of our churches to go forward in glorifying the name of our God.

Scott Van Uffelen, a teacher at Covenant Christian High School, is a member of Faith Protestant Reformed Church. Scott feels that the Fed. Board must continue to provide meaningful, poignant and spiritually edifying lectures, meetings, and conventions for the “youthful” members of the body of Christ. Together the members the of Board need to strive not to merely plan elective activities for the young people to casually consider, but rather inspire their spiritual walk one with another, gathering them in discussion, devotions, readings and writings from all of the Protestant Reformed Churches.

Spiritual Advisor
Prof. Dykstra or Rev. Eriks

The two nominees for Spiritual Advisor are Prof. Dykstra and Rev. Eriks. Prof. Dykstra is a Professor of Church History and New Testament Studies in the Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary. Rev. Eriks is currently a pastor at Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church.

We, as members of the Federation Board, feel that all these nominees will be able to carry out their work with the Protestant Reformed Churches and our Young People’s Societies. We ask that each of our young people prayerfully consider each nominee for their specific office on the Federation Board.