Your Difficult Way in Christmas Celebration

You. as the young people of our churches, have a very difficult way to walk in these days of increasing godlessness.  We are sure that you have experienced that in many ways. You have, have you not? And when we come to the season of the year in which the Church, and therefore you as its youthful members within its bosom, are privileged to celebrate the initial appearance of its King, it becomes once more an extremely difficult way to walk. The difficulty is intensified. We do not say that the way is an impossible way, for in our discussion here we presuppose that yours is the regenerate heart, the soul that longeth after God, a will that is transformed to be in conformity with and subservience to Him.

It is a difficult way because the days are evil, and the man of sin and godlessness increases in alarming proportions. We need only to look around us, and not very far either from the pale of our churches, to see what man, even that polished, civilized, cultured “Christian” man, does with the celebration of that wondrous, glorious fact of: “Christ Jesus is born!” So, then we are not only alluding to the terribly God- dishonoring commercialization and materialism which fills the hearts and souls of the masses in this season; but also the blasphemous interpretations as to WHY He came, and HOW He came, and even in some circles which yet cling outwardly to His Name, IF He came! Oh yes! You find that. You hear it. And you see it!

The days are evil, increasingly so. And the man of sin. cherished youth of the Church, develops! Don’t be mistaken or misled. Yon must know for the future which lies in store for you as the Church of tomorrow and for your spiritual preparedness in that future, that sin is NOT restrained, but rather abounds and grows on every side.

But it is difficult for you, this way that you are called to walk, also because in you are yet the motions of sin. That is characteristic of all of us, as saints on this side of the grave. Did not Paul cry out in anguish at realization of this? No, do not minimize this adversary when you think and purpose to celebrate Christmas! The former, but also the latter mentioned element, is a very real reason for the difficulty of your way. And especially so at Christmas.

You do well, of course, to remember that in you also as the youth of His Church is begun that good and righteous work, with respect to which you have the assurance that what He has begun, He will surely perfect and complete in the day of His appearing. You know that. And you cling to it too, don’t you? But the fact is not altered that the way for you is difficult.

Celebrate Christmas? You who are in the midst of an evil world and dwell in a sinful and corrupted flesh, are going to celebrate the birth of your Messiah? How can we celebrate Christmas aright?

Let us be clear on this at once, dear youth, that your popularity with the “crowd” does not soar when you really celebrate Christmas. Oh no. Quite the contrary in fact. Not the crowd of the world round about, not only, but often not the crowd about you in church spheres, either. That is simply a fact. And it is a fact that should be a part of your understanding as you begin to affirm and demonstrate your faith in the world, because your walk of faith will bear consequence at the out-set.

First, you may expect such derision and ostracism because your celebration of His coming has nothing, as such, to do with all the mad festivities that engulf us at Christmastide. You will not enter into all those jovial and hilarious and “worship-banishing” activities? Well, then you are “tagged,” young saint, and you are going to feel a little more of bearing the reproach of that same Christ Whom you profess to worship. And the way is going to seem unbearably difficult.

But by His grace, you will not enter into those things, notwithstanding the consequence.

Secondly, you may expect to be the objects of scorn and ridicule in your celebration of that Wonder, if you evidence that for you. as well as for those aged members in your local congregation who cherish this truth in joyful tears, this celebration is a matter of your innermost soul and the foundation and essence of your spiritual life and peace. Show by your walk, as well as by your confession, that this fact is joy and peace to you, because in it you are able and glad to praise your God as the God of mercy and grace, and again, according to Christ’s own words, you will experience that same hatred wherewith they hated Him.

But by His grace, you will evidence that such is your celebration, notwithstanding the fury of reprisal.

You will not enter into the godless desecration of the remembrance of the wonder of our Lord’s birth? And you will show before our God and before all the sons of men that your celebration in this season is spiritual, deep-seated in the soul wherein you have exuberance that cannot even be uttered? You will show, then, that your celebration is one of consecration to Him who establishes His covenant with His chosen ones and realizes it through His Son Who is the center of that very celebration?

Yes, then the way is difficult; but in that way, you have received grace to so walk, as the only blessed youth of the earth … the youth that truly rejoices at Christmas time and throughout the year because Christ Jesus is born!